Are you robbing Peter to pay Paul?  If so, you’re not the first, but with J Epps Consulting showing you how to better manage your finances, you could be the last.  Money challenges not only wreak havoc on your business, it can effect your personal life too.  With J Epps consulting your learn to do more than just stay a float, you’ll learn now to thrive financially.


Money Management Services include…

  • Properly predicting when and how much cash you’ll need ahead of time
  • Identifying  and having access to the resources that bring in extra funds when needed
  • Learn why strong, reliable relationships with your creditors and bankers is vital to your success
  • Develop short and long term projections for your cash flow.
  • Create a capital strategies to ensure you meet all your business goals.
  • Prepare and review past funding statements to understand how your money works
  • Learn how to maximize the rate of return on your hard earned savings.