Do you have worthy cause to give to.  Are you a church or other type of non-profit that thrives on giving back to their community?  Great.  We need more people and businesses like yours.  Let us help make sure you keep and maintain your non-profit, tax-exempt status so you can get on with your community service.

Did we mention that we have over 25 years of professional experience with the IRS.  We know what they are looking for and we know what forms are needed for tax-exempt organizations.

Make sure non-profit status can except donations.  At tax time we’ll make sure your income statement is properly categorized for expenses such as; donations, salaries, rent, etc.  Programs, fundraising operation and services.  We’ll help you correctly detail your organizations expenses and sources of income.

We build your accounting system around the IRS’s classifications.  This is how you keep and maintain your status.

Questions?  Contact us anytime.  We are here for you.